Hydrocodone Addiction Symptoms

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Prescription drugs continue to gain popularity for abuse. Hydrocodone, along with the continuing abuse of OxyContin, Vicodin and Percaset, is becoming a problem rivaling the use of illegal substances, such as cocaine and heroin. Prescription drug abuse is more difficult for the layperson to identify, because of the typical lack of signs often associated with other forms of addiction.

Hydrocodone Addiction Symptoms

While proper medical tests can pinpoint the overuse of this drug, some signs that may indicate Hydrocodone abuse include the following.

  • Addicts often consume larger amounts of Hydrocodone than are prescribed by their physician.
  • People begin visiting more than one doctor for their prescriptions.
  • Insomnia, night sweats and muscle aches may indicate missed doses or attempts to stop taking the drug.
  • Failure to complete work or home responsibilities due to undisclosed preoccupation with taking the drug.
  • Creating distance from family or friends who mention your drug use habits.
  • Addicts may steal money from family, or visitors to their home, to buy more prescriptions.

Drug Rehab Treatments

If you are having trouble with Hydrocodone or other prescription drugs, consider rehaboklahoma.org, which has successfully helped many others in your situation. Unfortunately, Oklahoma has a history of its residents having drug and alcohol addiction issues.

However, Rehab Oklahoma connects you with counselors and rehab centers that have experience with effective treatment methods, including, but not limited to

  • Holistic treatment for prescription drug addiction.
  • Medically administered detox treatment that works.
  • Relapse prevention and aftercare programs.


These counselors will also help you confront and overcome the root causes of your choices. When you honestly face these issues, whether rational or not, you will welcome the support and counseling you receive. As your physical dependence fades into history, the psychological issues that led you to prescription drug dependence will also melt away over time.

We Can Help

No one consciously decides to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. With outstanding, experienced help, however, you can decide to free yourself from this debilitating control. You’ll be thrilled with the improvement in your quality of life, along with the happiness and achievements you enjoy with a drug-free life.