Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment Strategies

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Along with other prescription drugs, such as Vicodin, OxyContin, and Percocet, Hydrocodone addiction has grown in popularity. Doctor-prescribed medications are moving to the forefront of addiction concerns, as many prescription drug abusers move to even more dangerous and illegal substances, such as cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin.

Opiate Painkillers

Opiate-based painkilling medications, like Hydrocodone, are not typically prescribed for long-term use, as they are inherently addictive over time. Symptoms of Hydrocodone addiction are more difficult to detect than those of the powerful illegal drugs, like meth.

In Oklahoma, historically subject to many drug and alcohol addictions, prescription drug abuse is increasing. Should you develop a problem, often taking more than the prescribed dosage of opiate painkillers or buying Hydrocodone or another medication “on the street,” be aware of the addictive properties with these drugs.

Oklahoma has around 17,000 treatment admissions annually at top drug rehab facilities. The number of patients having problems with prescription opiate painkillers is increasing to disturbing levels. Fortunately, http://rehaboklahoma.org/ continues to record great success treating patients with the same issues you may face.

Hydrocodone Treatment Strategies

Oklahoma Drug Rehab Centers are staffed with professionals experienced in recommending and supervising various treatment strategies to help you overcome your Hydrocodone issues. Along with traditional proven treatment strategies, rehab Oklahoma counselors are well-versed in effective alternative drug therapy options.

  • Medically supervised detox, to minimize withdrawal symptoms: Stopping Hydrocodone “cold turkey” can create issues with insomnia, muscle aches, and depression. By administering medications that reduce or eliminate troubling withdrawal symptoms, you’ll avoid most of the physical discomfort when freeing yourself of the substance.
  • Relapse prevention classes and techniques: Dispensing information and education, counselors can achieve at least two goals. First, this strategy helps you understand the dangers and long-term effects of Hydrocodone abuse. Second, you’ll learn useful techniques to help you avoid a relapse into abuse of this medication.
  • Aftercare counseling strategies: Caring, effective counseling, can help you identify the root cause of your chemical abuse, helping you understand and avoid a relapse. Depending on your personality, circumstances, and commitment to staying “clean,” you may prefer one-to-one or group counseling. Since Hydrocodone is known as an effective cough suppressant more that a “great high” recreational drug, counseling can often help you eliminate the physical and root causes of your drug abuse.

We Can Help

These are but a few of the effective Hydrocodone addiction strategies that work. Learn more and you’ll be on your way to freeing yourself from a life-altering addiction and recapturing your life. Contact us today for additional information.