Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Oklahoma: A Serious Problem Requiring a Serious Solution

For some time now there has been a spread and increase in substance abuse that has been quite a serious issue in the United States. There has definitely been a concerning increase in substance abuse, and some states have felt this increase more so than others. Oklahoma has been one of them. According to the substance abuse and mental health services administration, (

  • Oklahoma has experienced one of the fastest expansions in its drug trafficking and drug abuse problem in the nation.
  • Oklahoma has the highest percentage of per capita meth users in the nation. Oklahoma also has the highest number of meth lab busts per capita in the nation.
  • Cocaine has been making a significant comeback in Oklahoma. This wasn’t really an issue until very recently when the sudden increase in the use and abuse of meth caused cocaine to also become more popular. Lots of people who were abusing. Meth in Oklahoma started using cocaine when meth wasn’t quite doing it for them anymore.
  • Sadly, as if the many increases in drug abuse weren’t bad enough, Oklahoma has also experienced a spike in alcohol abuse, particularly when it comes to alcohol abuse amongst young adults.
  • Alcohol abuse is one of the worst yet one of the most underreported substance abuse problems in the nation. There are more alcohol addicts than individuals who are addicted to all types of drugs combined. More people die from alcohol abuse every year then all types of drugs combined. Alcohol abuse also affects other people who are not themselves the addicts more so than all other drugs combined. This too is a major issue in Oklahoma.
  • Ultimately, the substance abuse issue in the nation today has hit record highs. The result has been that a lot of people are now affected by substance abuse. Studies show that one out of every 10 Americans knows someone who is a substance abuser, and one out of every 15 Americans is closely affiliated or connected by family ties to someone who is a drug or alcohol addict. The prevalence of addicts in Oklahoma is even greater than the above numbers.

Rehabilitation: The One Tool Oklahoma has for Effectively Beating Addiction

For some time now it has been common knowledge that best way to beat a drug and alcohol addiction once and for all is by using an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detoxification facility, rehabilitation program, and recovery organization. These are by far the most successful means for rehabilitating oneself of an addiction for the duration of his or her life.

Rehabilitation is truly the best choice in Oklahoma because rehabilitation programs help in two methods according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse,

  1. Rehabilitation helps with the physical addiction. At a rehabilitation program, one will experience a full withdrawal service in which one will be fully and completely brought down off of whatever drugs or alcohols he or she has in his or her system. This is highly beneficial for the addicted individuals of Oklahoma because most of these individuals are addicted to highly chemically-based substances.
  2. Inpatient rehabilitation programs will also help those addicted in Oklahoma with the mental side of addiction through actual rehabilitation. This involves a wide plethora of counseling, therapy, electives, group sessions, one-on-one counseling, life skills, relapse prevention, coping strategies and more. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, (, this is incredibly vital to one’s recovery.

In the end, though the addiction problem in Oklahoma might appear to be a severe one and it certainly is, this does not mean that it precludes a death sentence for all who live there addicted. With the help of rehabilitation, anyone there who is addicted to anything can finally break the strains of entrapment created by addiction and go free from its entrapment once and for all.